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Digital Marketing Services

MR Mp focuses on offering a range of digital marketing services, including various forms of SEO (such as local SEO , e-commerce SEO, and video SEO), social media marketing with influencer partnerships, and community management. It also covers diverse strategies like video marketing, email campaigns, and more. The approach includes specialized analytics and strategy development, along with tailored promotions for specific industries like music, podcasts, and mobile apps, all aimed at enhancing a brand's online presence and impact.

Graphic Design and Branding

Graphic Design and Branding services encompass a full range of visual design and branding solutions. This includes creating impactful logos and brand identities, developing comprehensive brand style guides, and designing essential business materials like business cards and stationery. Additionally, the service covers engaging web design, compelling print and marketing design, and creative packaging and cover design. These offerings are tailored to enhance and define your brand's visual narrative and presence.

Programming and Technology

In the Programming and Technology section, I offer a wide range of services including web and software development, and website maintenance. Key offerings include building diverse types of websites, such as business, e-commerce, landing pages, and ensuring their maintenance through customization and optimization. My services extend to advanced technical solutions like web application development, software testing, and code reviews. Additionally, I provide robust IT support and cybersecurity to safeguard and enhance your digital infrastructure.

Business and E-commerce Services

The Business and E-commerce Services section offers comprehensive support for business operations and management. This includes digital project management, tailored e-commerce management covering product research, store setup, and platform-specific expertise for platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. Additionally, it encompasses broader business management services such as business registration, crafting business plans, consulting, and conducting market research, all designed to enhance and streamline your business processes.




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